Online Poker Guide 2023

One of the advantages of playing online poker is that you can participate in the games at different tables on multiple screens. While you wait for your turn at one table, you can nicely check how you are at the other table. With the wide range of games, ranging from automated Casino Hold’em to online live poker that you play against real dealers through a video connection, that is not surprising. Yet it is not advisable to play multi-table poker. To get to know the technical possibilities of the different games and software, it is better to start playing at one table at the same time. This gives you time to discover, for example, how much time you have between turns, what betting options there are, and how the software responds to all your actions. This can vary considerably per game variant and provider. If you get to know these aspects better, you can adjust the way you play and get the maximum return from your game.

Start with low bets

If you go in casinos likes to play with high stakes, it may take some getting used to starting with low-stakes poker, but that’s the best way to play. Even the most experienced poker players will have to get used to the speed of online poker, the course of the game, the interface and the technical possibilities that online poker offers. When you play poker against a software, you can usually count on the other players at your table to be more calculative and harder to beat than if you played against players of flesh and blood. Many players underestimate this difference between ‘real’ poker and online poker. To avoid big losses in the beginning, it is advisable for both beginners and experienced players to start with low bets and only proceed to online high stakes poker once you are comfortable in the game.

Ensure as little distraction as possible

Unlike a physical poker table in a casino, you often do not play online from a separate room, but from your living room or office. It is precisely in these spaces that there is a danger of distraction. Because how tempting is it not to make a phone call, open Facebook or chat with friends between your various turns? If you want to play poker well, you should play as focused as possible so that you also follow what your opponents are doing. That is why it is important to exclude as many distracting things as possible when playing poker online. How do you do that? For example, put your smartphone away, sit in a separate room, close all other screens and focus. It takes some preparation, but you will find that with such a professional attitude you play a lot easier.

As you will notice, the differences between poker at a physical table and online poker are bigger than you would initially think. But with the proper preparation and handles you can go a long way. let everyone see your poker face!