Bitcoin Online Casino

Bitcoin’s rise is arguably one of the greatest financial histories of the past few years and without a doubt gives us an insight into the future of money transactions. But the future is already there with some Bitcoin casinos on the market, including the PlayAmo, which has proven to be the best Bitcoin casino in our test.

The cryptocurrency is one of the safest payment methods in the world because the recipient does not see any account details. In order to find out which Bitcoin casinos are the best in our test, we also take into account whether there is a large and good range of games, look at how customer-oriented the customer service is and take a look at the bonus program. Only then can a judgment be finally made.

You have probably heard of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin several times without knowing exactly what it is. Bitcoin, or also known as BTC, is a digital currency that works as a decentralized payment system. This means that this currency acts independently of both countries and banks. This is one of the reasons why these will probably prevail more and more in casinos, since fraud can almost be ruled out because the transaction takes place directly and anonymously.

If you choose to play in a Bitcoin casino but you don’t already have this cryptocurrency, there are two options to get it. Probably the easiest option is to buy the currency from an online provider . The other option is to get BTCs via Bitcoin mining. However, you need a lot of computing power on your computer, so this method is not necessarily suitable for players who just want to play a little.

Bitcoin casinos and the blockchain

The basis for a transaction with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is the so-called blockchain. Put simply, the blockchain process is a continuously expandable and huge data set that is linked to one another using cryptographic processes. The security is given that everything is decentralized so that nobody can access it. As a result, Bitcoin casinos always offer this payment method because it is a secure money transfer .

An absolute advantage for online players with the cryptic payment method Bitcoin is that no details are given about account details , so that this payment option is becoming increasingly popular. If you would like to play at a BTC casino but do not yet have bitcoins, it is not as difficult as you think. First you need a digital wallet, also called eWallet or Cyberwallet. You can find various software downloads for iOS and Android devices online. As soon as you have your cryptic wallet, you can buy bitcoins from an online provider for real money and nothing stands in the way of your online casino visit.

Is it safe to pay at Bitcoin Casino?

One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in recent years is the security of the transaction , which is peer-to-peer. This means that the transaction takes place in a computer-computer connection. This literally stands for seriousness and anonymity , since no account details have to be given.

With the help of the blockchain process, BTC are temporarily stored and transferred, so that your transactions are not only safer and more reliable, but you can also keep a better overview of your finances.

As a result, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin offers a perfect and secure method of depositing money in an online casino. Many Bitcoin casinos actively advise their players of the BTC payment option to prevent fraud and rip-off and to deal with unsafe payment options. The ability to pay with cryptocurrencies will be an important criterion.

How do you find reputable providers?

If you are looking for a safe and reputable Bitcoin casino in German, you should proceed similarly to any other online casino of your choice. First, make sure you have a valid gaming license . One authority that issues gaming licenses, for example, is the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition, an independent company should check the digital casino regularly. This accredits and certifies the casino and confirms to you as a player that both the payout rate (RTP) and the random number generator (RNG) are continuously checked. In the second step, you should familiarize yourself with customer service and see how customer-oriented it is if you need help and support. Always check whether the customer service in the casino speaks German. In the last step you should deal with the available payment methods and of course see if you are offered the opportunity to play with Bitcoins or another cryptocurrency.