Live Casino

One of the latest initiatives in the casino industry is to offer casino games directly from a liquefied live casino. Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat can be played at these casinos, giving a little to suit every taste. As the game takes place, it means at the same time that you can actually see the roulette physically run around or that the dealer gives cards in live blackjack.

One of the things that often scares online casino players is that they feel that an automatic game is more or less cheating. However, it is true that there are no cheats at casinos and at a casino visit to Denmark, the slot machines are for example. Automatic, while many casinos today also offer electronic roulettes. A random generator is 100% tested and gets sealed after testing, which means that simply can not be cheated as everything is controlled from A to Z.

Live Casino

However, there are still casino players who clearly prefer to play when there is a lazy live croupier who sends the ball to the roulette or who prefer a dealer to take the cards directly from the shoe. Here, Live Casino is undoubtedly an amazing innovation that can not get closer to the real thing.

When you visit an online casino with live casino games, you simply connect to a web cam that shows you what’s happening at the casino.

Most casinos have a chat feature so you can send messages to the dealer and there is always a clock running so you can see that time is consistent with the time actually. There will always be something that makes you quite confident that the game will take place in accordance with the rules and in real time.

Live casino blackjack

The rules for live casino blackjack are accurate as if you played the electronic form or visited the live casino personally. The next difference is that you still have an interface on the computer where you click when you want to let the dealer know what you want to do. The dealer can watch what you want on a computer screen and then perform the desired action.

You can double, split, heat, stand and insure a live casino when playing Blackjack, but always be aware of what the rules really are for each live casino game.

There may also be a difference between casino bonuses when playing at a live casino. The reason is that the casino has to pay dealers and pay rent and everything else that comes with running a business with a physical location whereas an online casino that is electronic does not have the same massive expenses. It is therefore right that online casinos can afford to give big bonuses and therefore you get much more entertainment for your money by using an online casino as opposed to a land based.

CasinoBonus/Free Spins
Gratorama Casino€7 no deposit
VeraJohn Casino10 casino free spins
Inter Casino10 free spins no deposit
Mr GreenCasino Free Spins
RoyalPanda Casino10 casino free spins no deposit
BGO Casino20 no deposit free spins
IWCasino€10 no deposit free spins
BitStarz20 no deposit casino free spins
Dunder Casino20 no deposit casino free spins
Gold Club Casino20 no deposit casino free spins
Karamba Casino20 casino free spins upon deposit
WinSpark Casino€5 no deposit bonus
ScratchMania Casino€7 bonus no deposit
VideoSlots11 casino free spins no deposit
CasinoJefe11 casino free spins no deposit
Spinson10 casino free spins no deposit
Anna Casino10 casino free spins no deposit
Florijn Casino15 no deposit casino free spins
LuckyDino Casino€7 no deposit free spins

However, all live online casinos offer bonuses and you can sit and enjoy yourself with a real casino visit with real live blackjack at home in the living room.

There are no technical measures that you should set up to receive images from the live casino and by far the majority of the Danish internet connections are more than strong enough to accompany the game from the live casino.

Live casino roulette

There is absolutely no difference to playing live casino roulette compared to a pure electronic roulette. As a player, you choose what you want to bet and, from your computer screen, give the live roulette croupier orders of what you want to play which croupier is performing on your behalf. As in a real casino, the ball is sent and closes for bets.

You can see on the computer that the ball is nearing the bottom of the roulette and everything happens in real time. When the roulette spin is over, winnings are paid and you have won your casino account credited the amount won immediately.

There are the exact same payout rules for live roulette games as it does for electronic roulettes or roulettes as you know them from Casino Copenhagen or one of the other Danish casinos.

Live Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest card games in the world and in land based casinos, it attracts many Asian players and high rollers. The game is fast paced and while it can be enjoyed online, it is best played as a live dealer game. With live baccarat, players can use some game strategies that can increase the chances of placing the right bet. The game does not require many skills, but will require knowledge of the rules, especially when it comes to dealing the third card.

When playing live casino baccarat, players will have three bet choices. They can place their money on the banker hand, the player hand or a tie bet, which is not recommended. The object when playing the game is to bet on the hand that will have a total of 9 or as close to that as possible by using 2 or 3 cards. Live baccarat is played with 6 or 8 decks and all payouts are offered at 1:1 with the exception of the tie bet. The banker win will include a 5% commission because of the advantage that the hand has to offer.

Two cards will be dealt to the player and the banker hands and if the player hand is between 0 and 5, a third card is dealt. Should the banker hand total 0, 1 or 2, a third card is also taken. The totals of the cards are based on face value with 2 through 9 being face value and all 10s and face cards are worth 10. The ace is one point. The points are added and then 10 is taken from the total to reveal the true value of the hand. For example, a hand of 6 and 7 would be 13, so the actual value is 3.